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When the best kept secrets from Greece blend with the best kept secrets from India -the result is ZoeM-Supercharged Ayurveda. Now, its time for results.

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Customers Speak

I am loving the change in my skin after using the organic products from ZoeM Skin Essentials.

Divya Tyagi

Absolutely loving this 100% cold pressed lush red onion based homegrown product from ZoeM. Rich vitamins, rich hair!

Sakshi Dev

It has made my life way easier. It has helped me control the excess oil I hv struggled with since my teens!

Sia Karki

I am so happy with the results.My skin feels so much smoother!

Deepansha Mankotia

Their lip serum containing Jojoba, Rosehip, Buckthorn, Peppermint & Vitamin E is just what I needed to fight the winter chappiness.

Somya Mohanty

My skin has been loving it. I mean who does not want to wake up to supple skin and glow for the rest of the day!

Jaee Satam

Its been only a month since I'v been using it and my skin already feels so much younger. I love the fact that it contains no chemicals whatsoever!

Ansha Fernandes

My super stubborn scars have reduced. My skin is much more suplle and it feels hydrated always !!!

Pragati Bhardwaj

It is so moisturizing and has visibly reduced spots. For a product that is 100% natural it smells amazing! The consistency is so good, doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all!

Chanderjoat Kaur

straight from our customers

It’s purity can be noticed rather peculiarly, organically produced with natural ingredients like almonds, and it is completely undulated with it’s easy to use dropper!

Garima Garg 

Their 100% cold pressed Mediterranean black seed oil has been working wonders for my hair by reversing all the environmental damage and reducing hairfall! 10/10 would suggest.

Hrishita Agarwal

It is superherb with antioxidants & anti inflammatory properties that promotes overall hair & scalp health while reducing hairfall, thinnig & dandruff. It's also a stress buster, so one nice champi with this oil can really help calm your nerves.

Somya Mohanty

Their elixir is so light & non greasy, it leaves your skin feeling super supple.

Letisha Fernandes

I have been using their Hydration and shine hair gel for over two weeks now and it has helped me keep my hair soft, extremely nourished, shiny and manageable.

Prerna Khanna

It is a must in my skin care routine. I have been using it from past few days and I can’t stop using it. I am loving it and trust me you will too!

Nupur Jadon



Hibiscus is derived from the Greek word hibiskos. The tropical and flamboyant Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, is used topically for skin disorders and wound healing. It has emollient properties to soften and smoothen the skin. The leaves are also a mystic remedy for hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. The root mucilage increases cell proliferation and collagen synthesis. The amino acids (Keratin) in Hibiscus make it an excellent conditioner too.

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