Minilog-Quick & effective 3 step night routine for 30+

1. Cleanse your skin of makeup

2. Put an anti-ageing night elixir

3. Exfoliate weekly

The first thing you need to do is make sure your skin is clear of any makeup or its residue. The best to cleanse makeup are oil based cleansing balms and if there is no make up use a face wash- milky cleansers for dry skin and foaming cleansers for oily skin. Do not use bar soaps as they are made of surfactants and surfactants can really dry your skin. Bar soaps are meant for your body and not your face.This step is an absolute must as all day our skin is producing oil,grime and exposed to pollution. If you wash your face once a day- do it at night. You must unclog the pores and let your skin rejuvenate.

The second most important step is to let your skin heal through an anti-ageing oil based elixir or overnight repair elixir.

The third most important step is to scrub your skin free of any dead cells , twice every week if you have normal or dry skin and weekly once if you have oily or sensitive skin. Why it is so important, is because as we age, the upper layer of dead skin cells turns over much much more slowly. Normally it takes 5-6 weeks for skin to renew itself but when we age this can become 8-12 weeks.This makes a build up of dead aged skin for longer periods of time. This causes the skin look rough and dry.

Happy Skin!





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