Amidst rampant chemical use in beauty products, dark secrets under the
name “natural” and “zero care” for “zero waste”- we are a brand who cares.
We care for your skin. We care for mother nature.
ZoeM Skin essentials is set apart by its high performance, result-oriented, 100% herbal , luxurious Greek inspired skin care rituals, handmade in limited batches, with a blend of best herbs from across the globe .
As a team of genetic engineers, microbiologists and organic formulation specialists - we take pride in our formulations- high in active botanical, ethically sourced, 100% plant- based. The best part- our all natural skin care is customised to incorporate the continuously evolving climate, lifestyle and specific Indian skin needs.
Packing every formula thoughtfully to add no more additional sea fills and land fills to the environment is hygiene for us. As a brand , we stand strongly to maintain the original ecological balance of nature and human life.