Directions to use ZoeM handmade soaps

  1. Wet the soap with clear water to avoid any irritation or friction with the skin.
  2. Massage the soap gently on your skin for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Avoid contact with your eyes.
  4. Do not use on face.
  5. Once you’re done, rinse the soap with clean and cold water before keeping it back on the case.

Storage of ZoeM handmade soaps

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep it covered, in a clean soap-dish.
  • Don’t use plastic to store natural soaps. They don’t deserve it and you don’t wanna add more plastic to the environment.



Why is a handmade natural soap better for my skin?
Natural soaps are not rough on your skin, they have no side effects, they have therapeutic properties as they are made from natural oils, real herbs and plant extracts. Their colour, texture and aroma comes from real fruits, vegetables, flowers, leaves and their extracts/oils. They are made in small batches to maintain quality and improve performance . By default, handmade natural oil made soaps are cured for 4-8 weeks.

Chemical skincare (most of it that you see adverts and buy) are made of 70%-90% water, 10%-30% artificial color and artificial fragrances. The remaining is all chemicals (artificial/bad preservatives) that must be there so your chemical skincare looks good to your eye all the time.


Will using ZoeM handmade soaps leave my skin dry?

ZoeM handmade soaps will not only leave your skin moist, but also you may never feel the need to apply an after shower body moisturiser. They are designed to treat your skin like a baby’s, leaving it soft and supple after wash. We’d not be surprised if you save all the dollar bills forever on body lotions.

Unfortunately, the load of chemicals used in the “big brands” have changed the perception about “soaps”. You may think a body wash is better than a soap but it actually is the opposite. Body washes are mostly (70%-90%) water and you don’t realise the torture your skin undergoes everyday because the rest of it is just chemicals to keep the water , artificial color and artificial fragrance intact.


When can I expect results?

For best results, use the ZoeM handmade soaps within 4 weeks after you receive it. ZoeM soaps are made in cold pressed oils and herbal extracts that have natural therapeutic properties, keeping your skin safe and young.

Our skin renews every 28-40 days. For any product to show result, this is the timeline you should be patient enough.


How do I decide which ZoeM handmade soap is suitable for me?

Select the right category on the home page of ZoeM website and read the product details fully on filtered results and you will get your answer. Here are some extra tips.

#1 For DRY SKIN, the best natural soap for your skin would be the one holding shea butter, coconut oil , olive oil, calendula oil, apricot kernel oil, evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, meadowflower oil, flaxseed oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, safflower oil-  these hydrate the skin thoroughly.
#2 For ACNE-PRONE OR OILY SKIN you need to look out for ingredients that can open clogged pores and clean the dirt inside of them , like activated charcoal, rose, lemon , orange.
#3 For SENSITIVE SKIN, look out for ones which are mild and have anti-inflammatory properties like aloe vera, coconut , tea tree oil, chamomile, calendula, cucumber and lavender keeps the complexion feeling calm and well nourished. Strictly avoid any exfoliating soaps on sensitive skin (examples- oats, activated charcoal, almonds, pistachio, lemon, orange or any other citrus fruits or vegetables)

Knowing your skin type is necessary and befitting it with a natural soap is the proper care for your skin.


What are the benefits of using handmade natural soaps in general?

Our body is entirely covered with the biggest organ skin, just like all other internal organs , the skin absorbs health and strength from exactly the same food that we eat. Remember, 90% of your results will come from optimum hydration, eating right diet and 0 synthetics. For the remaining 10% nutrition and to repair damage from pollution, excessive sunlight and daily chemical exposure, use skincare that is safely made from non-toxic plants.

The soaps, creams, lotions and the like that you apply goes inside your stomach and is digested in the same way every day exactly like your daily meals. Our skin has langerhan cells in the epidermis that carry it all the way to the deepest layer of the skin, from where all the chemicals are further processed by the body as part of daily digestion. Be careful what you put on your skin.


What’s so special about ZoeM handmade natural soaps?

#1 Farm fresh, handpicked fresh fruits , vegetables , flowers, leaves, herbs and their extracts are used to make all ZoeM skincare. Our funda is simple, if you can eat it, you can apply it.

#2. ZoeM handmade contain 100% pure essential oils and raw plant colors. We don’t use any artificial color or fragrances, whatsoever.

#3. If the plant has any anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties and/or vitamins, minerals, you can expect the soap will have the same as of the real plant.

#4. ZoeM handmade soaps work like cleanser+toner+moisturiser- all in one. Each bar targets specific problems and deals with the dead and foreign substances on the skin and after all that, it evens out, tightens, smoothens and moisturises the skin.

Our skin’s normal pH level is 4.5-6. Maintaining the right pH LEVEL is essential for the skin. Make sure what you put on your skin does not disturb this balance. At ZoeM, it is our endeavour to make sure we maintain it.