ZoeM Pore reducing elixir
ZoeM Pore reducing elixir
ZoeM Pore reducing elixir
ZoeM Pore reducing elixir
ZoeM Pore reducing elixir
ZoeM Pore reducing elixir
ZoeM Pore reducing elixir
ZoeM Pore reducing elixir

ZoeM Pore reducing elixir

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Clears pores of clogged bacteria, makes them tighter and more elastic, thereby shrinking their appearance.

Sometimes, our pores, also described as oil producing glands, may be larger in size in comparison to many. There is nothing wrong with it. It is genetic. However, when you don’t maintain your skin’s health, you tend to worsen the problem. Each pore has a sebaceous gland to produce more and more oil, capturing more dirt. Eventually the skin around the pore will lose its elasticity and since the skin will look less supple, pores look even more enlarged. ZoeM’s Pore Reducing Elixir with many powerful botanicals with the highly active Moroccan Prickly Pear seed, handpicked Guava seeds, Hazelnuts, Black Cumin seeds and Cucumber seeds in a base of macerated Calendula and golden Jojoba, is carefully handcrafted not only to make the pores look smaller but also deeply cleanse them from inside to get rid of any clogged dirt, bacteria and reduce oil production.

How to use: Take 5 drops of the elixir, apply evenly all over your face, and dab for 10 seconds. For best results, use 2 hours before sleeping. 


Exfoliate your skin once a week with natural activated charcoal or organic coffee powder, followed by this elixir. Hold on to your make-ups, multiple creams, salon visits and facials. Let your skin breathe and let the elixir do the magic.


Calendula Officinalis

key ingredient


Also called Prickly Pear, with high linoleic acid, they are used to prevent sebum from hardening and blocking the pores.


Corylus avellana

Also called Hazelnut, with their powerful anti-oxidants, they are used to remove bacteria from the pores.

Psidium guajava

Also called Guava Seeds, they have astringent properties to reduce appearance of pore size and combat acne breakout.


Also called Black Cumin Seeds, they are used to reduce clogged pores and and control oil production.

Cucumis Sativus

Also called Cucumber Seeds, they have vitamin B1 and C to remove toxins from the depth of pores.

Simmondsia Chinensis

Also called Golden Jojoba, they mimic sebum production and provide overall nourishment.

Argania Spinosa Kernel

Also known as Argan Oil, they restore the skin with its natural barrier.