ZoeM Cocoa Butter & Dark Chocolate Lip Balm
ZoeM Cocoa Butter & Dark Chocolate Lip Balm
ZoeM Cocoa Butter & Dark Chocolate Lip Balm
ZoeM Cocoa Butter & Dark Chocolate Lip Balm
ZoeM Cocoa Butter & Dark Chocolate Lip Balm
ZoeM Cocoa Butter & Dark Chocolate Lip Balm

ZoeM Cocoa Butter & Dark Chocolate Lip Balm

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Reduces pigmentation on lips and protects by forming a protective layer in the summer heat.

ZoeM Cocoa butter & Dark Chocolate lip balm has rich fats derived from same beans as chocolate. The emollient properties of cocoa butter act as a protective barrier by supplying and retaining moisture in the lips and skin. Cocoa butter also supplies essential antioxidant vitamins A, C and E to the lips.

The top corneum layer of regular skin has 15 to 16 layers mainly for protection. The top corneum layer of the lip contains about only 3 to 4 layers and very thin compared to the typical face skin. The lip skin contains very few melanin cells. Because of this, the blood vessels more clearly appear through the skin of the lips - giving a lovely pinkish color to the lips. The lip skin has no hair follicles and no sweat glands. Therefore it does not have the sweat and body oil in protecting the lip from outside environment.

Unrefined Cocoa butter has a nourishing dose of flavanols and polyphenols to help moisturize and smooth lips. As an emollient and great source of natural antioxidants,   it helps diminish the appearance of pigmentation on lips.

Raw Cacao with Dark Chocolate Extract includes antioxidants helps to restore natural lip skin and protect it from signs of aging.


Key ingredients

Organic Beeswax, Unrefined Mango butter, Extra Virgin Cold-pressed Coconut oil, Rosehip seed oil, Spanish Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E, Unrefined Cocoa butter, Dark chocolate extract.

Other Main  Benefits

1. Unrefined mango butter, a powerhouse of fatty acids, helps reduce inflammation on lips.

2. Extra Virgin Cold pressed coconut oil heals chapped lips and prevents moisture loss.

3. Spanish Sweet Almond Oil reduces discoloration on the lips and protects lips from sunburn.

4. Organic Beeswax forms a protective layer on the surface of the lips locking in moisture.

5. Vitamin E helps in cell turnover and regeneration thus revealing pinker fresh lip skin.

Net weight: 5g

know your Lip balm


According to China’s most famous medicine book “The Shen Nong Book of Herbs”, 1-2nd century BC,
Beeswax was recognised as a top medicinal ingredient. Consumption & application of beeswax is praised for its beneficial influence on blood and
energy systems and the overall balance of the body.

How to use

Smear the lip balm on one finger. Starting at the corner of your lips, spread it well on both lips. Rub your lips together to help spread out the lip balm evenly. Finish with ZoeM Rosehip & Jojoba lip serum for natural gloss.

did you know?

The old Egyptians used beeswax when embalming, for mummification of their pharaohs and for retaining the permanency of wig curls, for preserving the papyrus scrolls and to protect paintings. The wrappings of
Egyptian mummies contained beeswax . Beeswax was mentioned in 32 prescriptions, given in a papyrus,
compiled in Egypt about 1550 BC.