If you can eat it, you can apply it.
Do you know that whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed onto your bloodstream and is very much part of your daily digestion process? Then why would you put anything that is not edible onto your skin?
At ZoeM, we follow a 3 step rigorous Quality Check process from SEED to SKIN.
Step 1. We grow some of our herbs whilst others we source from rural farmers who practice "zero tolerance" for chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Note that worldwide all types of pesticides used on plants (even for food) kill only 1% of insects and 99% of pesticides stays in the plant (after being sprayed) and cause different types of cancers in the long run. We ensure that there is absolutely no exposure of these deadly pesticides and chemical fertilisers right from the the sapling stage to the full grown herbs.
Step 2. Flowers, leaves, roots, stem, fruits or seeds - whatever may be the part of the plant used- at ZoeM, it does not undergo any heating or alcoholic extraction - thereby retaining the original natural therapeutic value of the plant. Unfortunately even natural brands across the globe dont worry about heat ,alcohol ,carbon or hexane being used while the plant is converted into a usable butter, oil , powder or extract for end use as a raw material in the cosmetics. This reduces the medicinal value of the plant by almost 95%. For us, our ingredients are our heroes. 
Step 3. Our formulae have no water, no dilution, no base, no adulteration, no color, no fragrance oil, no artificial preservatives , no mineral oils and no petrochemicals whatsoever. Completing the meaning of the word "natural" in the truest sense. We also use a load of super skin foods like rainforest ingredients and green micro algae that have been hidden from mankind for the whole of the century.
This is what "natural" truly means to us. Can you add ZoeM Rose water to your food? Absolutely- it is safe to put inside eyes, in your food and hence on your skin.
The seed matters, the soil does, the environment does. Isn't that true for every living being ? Holistic Skincare starts with the farmer's ethos and ends with an informed choice by you. 
Team ZoeM