Minilog-3 Facial skin care habits you should immediately stop

Bar soaps on face : Bar soaps have a much higher pH (8-11) than our skin's natural pH (4.5-5.5) . Sadly most soaps contain sodium laurel sulphate that gives a lot of lather to the skin. We like lathering don't we? No matter how much you may be tempted to put that "100% natural and it must be safe" soap to your face- just don't do it. Soaps are only meant for your body. The lathering substance is really drying!! Chose your soaps wisely and apply no soap on face. Ever!

Petroleum Jelly comes from the bottom of the petroleum barrels. It is very occlusive and can clog your pores . There is no problem with a jelly texture in skincare but petroleum is bad-worse if you have an acne problem. In fact, not just face, strictly avoid petroleum jelly for any part of your body.

Toners with alcohols or astringents provide the same feeling as rubbing alcohol- giving a nice toning, tightening and cooling effect  - which may make your skin feel great at that moment- but what it is actually doing is ripping your skin of its natural oils. These types of toners are mostly used by people who have oily or acne prone skin who are always looking for a product to reduce these oils. Unfortunately, these type of alcoholic astringents make your skin feel that natural oils have largely reduced and you will end up producing even more oil in response- which is exactly what you don't want!! Oil based cleansers are best for this skin type.

Happy Skin!






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