ZoeM Rejuvenation & Repair face gel

ZoeM Rejuvenation & Repair face gel

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Why ZoeM Rejuvenation & Repair face gel? 

ZoeM’s Rejuvenation & Repair gel is made of 100% pure Papaya pulp. The alpha-hydroxy acids and enzyme papain are known for reversing any damages that happen to the skin due to extra sun exposure, pollution, heat and humidity. Consistent use of this gel will result in a visible difference in skin tone and pigmentation healing.

Must exhibit skin habits for this gel

Massage gently for a couple of minutes to improve blood circulation, leave it on for absorption for 1 hour and wash off after. Avoid exposing your skin to extreme weather and pollution for the best results. Relax, take a back seat and let this product work it's magic.

Key Ingredient


Also known as Papaya - contains Vitamin A and Papain enzyme which helps remove dead skin cells and inactive proteins, thus rejuvenating the skin. It also helps heal up blemishes through its anti inflammatory properties and helps clear up the skin. Papaya is known for its hydrating and moisturising properties and thus leaves the skin soft, supple and smooth.