ZoeM Irish Tweed Daily Spa Soap
ZoeM Irish Tweed Daily Spa Soap
ZoeM Irish Tweed Daily Spa Soap
ZoeM Irish Tweed Daily Spa Soap
ZoeM Irish Tweed Daily Spa Soap
ZoeM Irish Tweed Daily Spa Soap

ZoeM Irish Tweed Daily Spa Soap

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Designed to provide extra dose of Vitamin E and moisturisation to the skin on body.

ZoeM's Irish Tweed daily spa soap is made with Aloe Vera to provide hydration and shine to the skin and Sweet Almond Oil for deeply cleansing pores, reducing puffiness and supplying an extra dose of the rich anti-oxidant Vitamin E to the skin. Mango butter , Cold-pressed Coconuts and Hydrolysed silk in the bar, make the skin soft and supple. The bar also helps reduce appearance of marks and spots.


Let go of your shower gels and adopt the sustainable bathing experience with our luxurious limited batch handmade spa soaps. They are 100% natural, 100% zero waste and made in rich and exotic cold pressed plant oils and butters only. This makes them gentler to your skin, unlike surfactant based cleansers that rip natural oils from the skin leaving your skin demanding a moisturiser ! ZoeM Spa Soaps are more effective in your cleansing routine and are designed to leave your skin deeply hydrated.

key ingredient


Mango seed butter is a good source of important bioactive compounds and Vitamins A, C, E , K & B6. It has high antioxidant capacity, high quality protein with all essential amino acids. Rich in fatty acids, it is perfect to keep skin hydrated and dewy all day. Mango seed butter is naturally high in copper which builds Collagen, Elastin and increases Hyaluronic Acid production within the skin. 

hero oil


Know the soap Base


Obtained from fresh, mature coconut kernels, Coconut oil displays several biological activities like antimicrobial, analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory properties. For centuries, coconut oil is used to moisturise and treat skin infections. The Greeks called it “the tree that supplies everything needed to live.”


Extracted from fruit kernels of the shea tree found in semi-arid Savannah belt in the sub-Saharan African region , primarily Mali to Sudan and Uganda, this shea butter is high in triterpene esters, known since ancient times to reduce environmental skin stress.


Also called Vitamin E, it has antitumorigenic, photoprotective, and skin barrier stabilizing properties. Protecting the living skin cells from oxidative damage, naturally occurring Vitamin E can improve the appearance of the skin with consistent use.


Rice Bran Oil improves circulation, evens out skin tone,  increases skin's natural regeneration, encourages moisture retention, and soothes irritation. It is known for its ability to cleanse, soften, moisturise, soothe, nourish, and smooth the skin. It slows the look of ageing and brightens complexion.


Castor Oil is full of essential fatty acids that help maintain good skin health by fighting free radicals. It is thick and viscous and just a bit is enough to make your skin shine bright. As an all-star emollient, it keeps dryness and itchiness at bay. It promotes overall skin health and helps soothe the skin.


Sweet Almond Oil is anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting and enriched with Vitamin E naturally.  It helps prevent premature ageing and safeguard against sun damage. It stimulates collagen and supplies nutrients for self-repair.