ZoeM Anti Dark Circle Under Eye Gel

ZoeM Anti Dark Circle Under Eye Gel

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All of us have our own individual lifestyles. We need our own sufficient sleep hours, screen detox time and daily nutrition. If we do not allow balance in our daily routine, our system will lapse . We must understand that our needs are different and there is no one size fit all routine - but before the system lapses, it will start showing us signs that the body clock is breaking down. Dark under-eyes is one such BIG sign. It means that your body is not getting the hours of sleep it needs, it is getting more stress than it can take, fewer glasses of water than it needs and lesser nutritional content to cope up. This shows on our skin- the dark tissues and blodd vessels in the delicate parts of the skin start showing up, all the more visible. Fortunately, nature always has a cure and ZoeM dark under eye gel is formulated with the best of them- cucumber, green tea and aloevera. Cucumber with plethora of anti infammatory properties, reduces swelling, puffiness and heaviness in the eyes due to the large content of hydration it provides and thereby cooling down temperature of the skin. Vitamin C, lutein, and zeaxanthin present in green tea act as anti-oxidants for the delicate eye skin and the wonder leaf, aloe vera moisturises, heals sun burns, hydrates and reduces lines of expression.

Must exhibit skin habits with zoem dark under eye gel

This gel can be used every day , 2 hours before sleep and washed before hitting the bed. You must also practice good hours of sleep, laptop detox time and enough water intake as per your body weight.

the base


Also known as aloe vera gel or the wonder plant - it has 75 active components , some of which are vitamins: A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 and minerals calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and 12 organic compounds called anthraquinones that also work as anti bacterial and anti viral agents.


Cucumis Sativus


Camellia Sinensis



Also called spirulina, it not only acts as a colourant but also nourishes the skin with vitamins, amino and fatty acids that tone the skin and make it look fresher and younger.

Azadirachta Indica

Also called neem leaf, it is not only a colourant but also provides relief from pigmentation and scars.

Spinacia oleracea

Also called Spinach leaf, it not only acts as a colourant but also is a rich source of fibres, magnesium, iron as well as vitamin E,C and A for the skin.