ZoeM Anti - Dandruff Hair Oil
ZoeM Anti - Dandruff Hair Oil
ZoeM Anti - Dandruff Hair Oil
ZoeM Anti - Dandruff Hair Oil

ZoeM Anti - Dandruff Hair Oil

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Reduces flakes and dandruff, remove dead skin cells and clogged bacteria, parasitic infections, preserve the hair follicles with moisture, balance the pH of the hair, improve blood circulation in the scalp and soothes itchiness.

The cause of dandruff is usually a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale (P.ovale) which is a naturally occurring yeast-like organism found on the scalp and other parts of human skin. The fungus is found most on skin areas with plenty of sebaceous glands: on the scalp, face and upper part of the body and gradually P.ovale fungus tends to concentrate on the scalp where a large number of sebaceous glands can be found. These are the glands that produce your skin's natural oil, called sebum, which contributes to the growth of the P. ovale fungus. As the fungus grows in size and numbers, it results in dandruff. Scalp skin is unique on the body due to the density of hair follicles and high rate of sebum production. These features make it susceptible to superficial mycotic conditions (dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and tinea capitis), parasitic infestation (epiclesis capitis), and inflammatory conditions (psoriasis). These scalp conditions share similar clinical manifestations of scaling, inflammation, hair loss, and pruritus.

ZoeM Anti-dandruff Hair Oil is formulate to address the root cause of dandruff.


Key ingredients- Amla, Teatree, Neem, Curry leaves, Camphor, Sweet Almonds, Moroccan Argan

Teatree has antifungal properties with activity against P ovale and is useful in the treatment of dandruff. Dandruff is related to the yeast Pityrosporum ovaleTea tree oil has the most excellent anti-microbial activity and very effective in relieving itch.

Neem is an amazing herb that has been a help to human race since 4,500 years ago. One of the immediately perceivable impact of this antifungal, antibacterial herb is to cure most epidermal problems of the hair. 

Curry leaves has Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Calcium in plenty. They are also rich in many minerals and trace minerals such as Iron, zinc and copper to replenish health back to hair an fight infections.

Amla , also known as Indian gooseberry, is an ample source of vitamin C. It is used as an essential for hair repair- at ZoeM we much rather call it a hair tonic.  The tannin contents such as tannic acid, ellagic acid, gallic acid, iron and antioxidants that freezes free radical damage to hair follicles, caused by dandruff. Not just that, it is required to enhance hair growth and improve hair pigmentation. It gives power to the roots, takes care of the colour, and improves luster. Amla oil application to the roots of hair improves hair growth and color. The very popular use is to decrease baldness and hair loss. 

Net weight: 100 ML 

Take a coin-sized portion and massage it into your hair for 10 minutes. Leave for absorption for 2 hours and wash it off with a mild shampoo. For best results, use twice a week.


Keep aside your styling wands and straighteners, and let this oil work it's magic. Use twice a week and massage it clockwise to improve blood circulation and improve the quality of your hair.

key ingredient

Melaleuca Alternafolia

Also called Tea tree oil , this essential oil acts as a natural conditioner for the scalp and eliminates agents that cause skin to flake. It also relieves the symptoms of dandruff such as scale, itch, pain, inflammation, and sebum.

KNOW YOUR hair oil

Melia azadirachta

Also known as Neem, this ingredient is a super food for hair. It contains fatty acids limonoids, vitamin E, triglycerides, anti-oxidants and calcium.


The vitamins and minerals present in amla help in increasing the scalp circulation and stimulate healthy growth. Vitamin C of amla produces collagen protein which helps in stimulating hair growth.

Murraya koenigii

Also known as Curry Leaves -  these are packed with protein, vitamin B and beta-carotene which works wonders for your hair shafts which have been damaged by hot styling products, pollution, hair sprays, chemical treatments etc. They also boost hair growth, reduces frizz and ensures hair is hydrated and moisturised.


Also called Almond oil, it contains super-unsaturated Omega-3 essential fatty acids which is proven to be very nourishing. It also softens and strengthens the hair.


Also called Amla, it is rich in vitamin C, tannins and minerals such as phosphorus, iron and calcium which provides nutrition to hair and also causes darkening of hair


Also called Argan oil, it contains a high level of both oleic acid and linoleic acid, making it an excellent source of basic polyunsaturated fatty acids and being particularly rich in polyphenols and tocopherols, it exhibits significant antioxidant activity.